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If your iPhone won’t turn on with a black screen caused by a hardware problem, you have to turn to an Apple repair store to get some components replaced. In this case, you can barely do anything on your own.

firmware file corrupt iphone 11

Meanwhile, the operating software has general purposes and works on high-level interfaces. Below you will see a few things you can try to get this issue resolved. Make sure to read all the steps carefully and do everything as instructed or you may damage your phone even further. So, you seem to have found yourself having a firmware issue.

  • Minutes later, your firmware on iPhone will be restored.
  • Furthermore, the whole process will be completed in three steps.
  • If you still get it, then you might need to put your device on recovery stage while connecting it to your system.
  • However, when trying to restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch later, you may experience the error mentioned above.
  • This technique relies on there being little stock firmware different to the underlying storage format between some versions.

Is it safe to remove them from your computer? You’ll find the answers to everything you need to know below. This method should definitely help if the cause of the problem is the incompatibility in the iOS. Press and hold Option key (MAC) or press and hold Shift key (Windows) after iTunes/Finder detects your iPhone.

This is something that not many iPhone users are aware of. Not just recovery mode, you can also put your phone into DMU mode to fix iPhone won’t restore issue. In order to do this, hold the power button of your device for around 5 seconds.

  • If you barely use iTunes to manage your iPhone, your computer probably didn’t recognize the firmware file.
  • This caused the phone to finally turn off and go black.
  • In this case, you can barely do anything on your own.
  • Now, you can take the assistance of iTunes to restore it.

Under such circumstances, iTunes will not be able to complete the firmware restore process even if it can start the process. It is true that restoring the firmware package will make the phone runs will make your device run more smoothly. The restoring procedures are too complex and you wouldn’t bother to learn them. Before we head to more complicated solutions, the most recommended method is restoring iPhone firmware TunesKit iOS System Recovery. Most importantly, the program can restore your iPhone firmware package without any data loss. If the firmware is still not restored after using the TunesKit iOS System Recovery, you can still try using iTunes to restore the firmware. That’s because there might be system software errors preventing your phone from repairing its firmware, and now those errors have been fixed by TunesKit iOS System Recovery.

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